Sites that focus on WBAI, Pacifica and broadcast freedom 

WBAI Issues Forum focused on WBAI and Pacifica
WBAI People Few restrictions Info, WbeeAeye Post, photos, graphics, posters 
Books written or discussed by WBAI programmers
KPFK, KPFT message boards message boards 
NewPacifica listserve 
Pacifica listserves search on "Pacifica radio" and radio call letters station website, listen online WBAI Local Advisory Board (links to other LABs) Official Pacifica site Coalition for a democratic Pacifica NY (great listener site)
Democracy Now audio and video
Pacifica Matters website Webcasts, audio files and more Concerned Friends of WBAI good archive of WBAI issues Free Pacifica Radio!
Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board Schedule of WBAI programs
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WBAI Issues Forum  
WBAI People Forum 
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