HTML Hints
A few tags to add umph! to your words

Copy/Paste the HTML tags <whatever is between pointy brackets> and insert your info in the appropriate spaces.

If you want to BOLD part of message use <B>around your text</B>

If you want to ITALICIZE part of message use <I>around your text</I>

If you want to UNDERLINE part of message use <U>around your text</U>

<BLOCKQUOTE>Will indent the text contained within the tags. This is useful for quoting, etc.</BLOCKQUOTE>

Font Color
When using the color name in your document, just place the Color Name inside the quotation marks of the tag. For instance, with the font color command, you would do this to change the font to red: 
<FONT COLOR="red">Some supported color names</FONT>: 
black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, purple, pink, silver, gold, gray, aqua, skyblue, lightblue, fuchsia, khaki 
See also: Color Names, Hex Codes, HTML Beginners

Hyperlink to a website -
<A HREF="http://put_the_URL_here">put the title or URL here - what you want seen</A>

Email link within post -
<A HREF="mailto:PUT_ EMAIL_ADDRESS_ HERE">email address or descriptive title goes here; this is what will be seen</A>

If you don't want you message to look like a complete mess, be sure to use the closing tag </whatever> at the end of the section.

Smilies / Emoticons
Typing the following characters in your posts will load the corresponding graphics.

:)   8)
:( :b
:O  :\
:D >:(
;) :|

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